About Us

Our tours are designed and planned by highly trained staff who know every one of the destinations, hotels and tours that we offer in travel.

With our tours "Adventure through Patagonia" and "Discovering Northern Argentina", you can visit 13 provinces of the 23 that has the Country, meet over 25 cities, 8 Parks and / or National and Provincial Reserves, wonders such as Perito Moreno Glacier and the Iguassu Falls, among others.

We know what it means to be an exchange student in a country different from yours, in a single moment of your life. And we want to accompany that experience, giving you the unique opportunity to see Argentina as few people know.

Our tour conductors are stable and exclusive staff of the company, alumni in the career of National Tourism Guide, enabling tours in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Bolivia.

Our company has the relevant ratings in the National Ministry of Tourism’s with file No. 17,176. Since 2004, is responsible for the provision of tourist services in Talampaya National Park, in the province of La Rioja and also has its own hotel in the area, the Hotel "Cañon de Talampaya"

Our Team

Our staff is specially trained to provide national, regional and international tourism products and services, with creativity and quality, so that tourists can enjoy the best destinations to match their tastes and preferences.

Each of its members conveys the seriousness, dedication to service and commitment to the customer, both internal and external relationships.

To give you excellent service our staff focuses on:

Quality - Professionalism - Joy of work - Teamwork - Support colleagues - Continuous improvement - Creativity - Customer Orientation - Responsibility and commitment - Dynamism and adaptability to change - Predisposition for order and clarity


What we offer?

Our company has always been identified by its dedication to service in the world of tourism, for its innovative spirit in national and international products and a proactive attitude towards quality, with careful attention to the client.

We make available to your customers and passengers a unique concept for every travel experience, designing, advising and providing high quality travel services throughout the Americas, both domestic tourists and worldwide.

The Company offers original Tours from design, as we seek originality, and we encourage to adventure, pioneering in different places like Patagonia. We know what we do, we know perfectly the destinations we visit, and so we can advise and give the best information. Prior to tourism professionals, above all things, we are tourists, and we know what a traveler wants and needs. Hence our service delivery has the quality of the company, the warmth of its staff, and the added value that sets us apart.

We know what we do because we like to travel, discover and preserve natural areas and diverse cultural expressions, contributing to the common good.

Why choose us?

Because our main goal is the satisfaction of each of our clients, working through a system of quality management that allows us to quickly adapt to change and market opportunities, the creation of new products, development of existing product and opening new markets available.


We are one of the first national parks official dealers to implement an Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001:2004 International Certification.

Environmental Standard ISO 14001:2008 defines an effective process for controlling and improving the environmental performance of an organization, in addition to these organizations provide the necessary elements for the inclusion of environmental considerations into the overall strategy of the company.

This means that we identify aspects of their service that impact on the environment , environmental laws comprising as goals for improvement and a management program implemented to achieve , thanks to a deeply committed and friendly staff with periodic reviews by the land, using resources sustainably, maintaining biodiversity and tourism services to marketing responsibly.

Through environmental policy we work to minimize waste, recycling of waste, control of water use and greenhouse gas emissions, waste treatment, energy distribution, training, participation and awareness of staff in the SGA besides the influence on society, focuses on strengthening and increasing the commitment of everyone with the protection of the environment.

Social Commitment

The company operates within a framework of commitment to society. This responds not only cares about customer satisfaction but by the way creates such satisfaction, meeting the expectations of different stakeholders: employees, tourists, travel agents, and suppliers, service providers and society in general.

We also contribute to the development of sustainable tourism in places near the Talampaya National Park, supporting local economies, personal dedication economically participating in collective tasks and those associations and appropriate events, getting involved in communities, strengthening the collective aspects of the sector and developing the welfare of human resources working in the concession of the National Park.