How much money should I bring to the trip?

The money that you should take is to cover costs of services that are not included, which are specified in the Itinerary Tour, as are some meals on route, tickets to National Parks and some optional excursions not included in the rate of the tour . Also must bring money for your personal expenses, such as gifts, souvenirs, extra drinks, laundry, etc.

What should I wear?

We recommend you bring a variety of clothing, since the tours cover different regions of Argentina with warm to cool climates. But always remember that the luggage should be small or medium and should not exceed 15 kilos per person, since the tour is done by bus, and the cellar is not large. No need to carry excess clothing, as you can hire a laundry service in all locations, at an affordable price.

What documentation should I bring?

It is mandatory to carry your passport and it must be in perfect condition. You must also bring the original Travel Venia, on all tours, as we enter neighboring countries. The submission of this documentation is mandatory. In addition, you must have the Argentinean Visa in order.

How to pay for the trip?

Ask forms of payment to rotary@discoversouthamerica.com.ar

I have a special diet, what should I do?

If you have a special diet for medical reasons or being vegetarian is necessary that you notify when registering for the tour. It is also important that you describe if you suffer from a chronic illness or if you take any medication regularly.

What authorizations do I need?

In addition to the documentation (passport and Venia Travel), you must send by fax, mail or in person at our office, authorizations from your host parents, host Rotary club and your biological parents. These authorizations do not need to be signed. With a mail or fax is enough.

Who is traveling? What districts are participating?

Districts that made ​​our tours are:l 4815, 4845 and 4930 (not all travel together on the same dates). All our tours are accompanied by officials from the Exchange Committee of each district, and 2 tour conductor of the company

When is the next tour?

Every year we have 2 tours ...

Where do the tours start?

The place of departure varies by district and trip.

What things can I take?

You can take photos or film camera, notebooks, netbooks, mobile phones, Tablet, etc.. We ordered special care of all your belongings, as the company is not responsible for loss or breakage thereof. We recommend wearing cap, dark sunglasses and sunscreen.

Can I get money during the trip?

During the tour you can withdraw money because in all locations where we stayed there are banks with ATMs. Also you should know that many of Argentina ATMs are not updated to use the new chip cards.